Saturday, 30 April 2016

How Control Issues Can Affect Your Marriage

Control issues in marriages could take different forms, but whatever the type, it can frustrate couples' ability to build intimacy and achieve important goals in their relationships. It is one spouse's wanting this to his or her way all the time in the relationship.

Controlling spouses take charge, needing always to be right in their relationships. On the other hand, their compliant partners feel inadequate and avoid sharing their ideas, dreams, and aspirations.
Are you a controlling spouse?

In the long run, control issues hinder couples from developing intimacy in the marriage and could lead to the break-down in marital relationships. Here are five problems control issues could cause in marriages.

Friday, 29 April 2016

A Guide for Preparing for Marriage

There is a rise in the rates of separation and divorce in many countries and half of marriages end in divorce. Many people enter marriage without adequate preparation. While premarital preparation may not prevent problems in marriage, it gives couples tools to strengthen their relationships and prepare for future challenges in marriage.   

Learn more about your spouse before you marry.
Premarital preparation is an educational process that includes various subjects and themes to effectively prepare couples for marriage. According to Robyn Parker, in her article, A framework for future research in premarriage education, "In general, premarriage programs seek to engage couples in th process of reflection and skills training with the aim of promoting and supporting the development of strong, stable relationships."