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How to Cope With Empty Nest

See empty as season of  new possibilities.
Parents respond to the empty nest period in different ways. The grief that they feel after your children leave home is a reaction to their loss. Some parents find it difficult cope with the change of your children not being home. This sense of loneliness could lead to depression alcoholism and marital difficulties.

You could experience feelings of sadness and loneliness when your children leave home. While it natural to feel some sadness, if you experience a profound sense of loss over a long period you could be experiencing empty nest syndrome.

The empty nest period, however, can be a season of new opportunities, as you explore new interests and rekindle your marriage relationship. Here are seven steps you could take to make the most of your empty nest.

Start Preparing 

As the time approaches for your last child to leave home start making plans for things you would want to get involved in. make list and start exploring new areas of interests. You could even start getting involved in a few of these activities before you child departs.

Remind Yourself 

You have raised your child as best you can to prepare him or her for adulthood. Instead of sadness, find satisfaction in what you have achieved and look forward to continuing your support of your child on a new level. Remind your yourself that this time will come and prepare yourself for it.

Be Patient

You may need to give yourself time to adapt to the transition. If you experience sad or feelings of loneliness accept them as feelings that will pass as find purpose in your new season of life. Then you gradually make peace with the change. Be sure to keep in touch and keep connected your child but be sensitive to his or her need for new independence.

Be Optimistic

Stay positive and focus on this new season with all its possibilities. Also, remember the great times you shared with your child and look forward to establishing a new kind of relationship with him or her. Move forward with confidence.

Improve Your Marriage 

Take steps to increase your marital satisfaction during the empty nest phase. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with your spouse and rekindle your romance. Plan activities and new adventures with your spouse.

 Pursue New Interests

Explore new interests and hobbies such volunteering, reading good books,  and learning a new skills. You might like to renew activities that you enjoyed in the past. What about pursuing new career goals?

Take Care of Yourself

Be sure to eat healthy diet and keep physically active. For example, you might like to start walking with a friend a few times weekly. The exercise could keep you alert and energized to pursue new interests and activities .

In the Youtube video, Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust, explains that the season of empty nest marks the end of the active parenting phase, and parents need to make a mental shift to let go.  With proper preparation you can make the shift to a new season in your life.

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