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Tips to Rekindle the Romance in Your Marriage

You fell love and in a whirlwind of happiness, you said your “I dos.” But over time, with kids, career and other commitments, your marriage lost some of the sparkle it once had.
Cultivate and protect your special times together.
You can change this situation and put the spark of romance back into your marriage. Here are five suggestions to rekindle romance in your marriage relationship

Show Your Love Everyday

Find ways to express the love you feel for each other every day. Express your love verbally, don't assume that that your spouse knows your feelings. Let your mate know he or she is important and show your gratitude for the things your spouse does for you.

Always keep mind that healthy sexual satisfaction develops from harmony in other areas of the marriage as spouses strive to meet each other’s needs. Spice up your love life with hugs and kisses in your daily interactions.

Appreciate Your Spouse

Relationship expert, John Gottman, in his book, 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage, emphasizes the critical need for couples to express appreciation for each other.  

True appreciation of your spouse begins with knowing and understanding him or her. Appreciation includes a willingness to participate in activities your spouse enjoys. Pay attention and be supportive of each other’s hobbies and interests.

Affirm your spouse's efforts, and good doses of praise and encouragement are never wasted. Be sure to identify specific qualities that you like about each other and find opportunities to highlight them.

Improve Communication Patterns

Communication facilitates all the ingredients that make for a nurturing and romantic marriage relationship. Knowing what is important to each other comes as you communicate openly and honestly.

Communicate your love, admiration, and appreciation for each other. Move you communication from just sharing ideas and opinions to sharing your deep feelings and needs. Confide your innermost thoughts and feelings with each other.

Make Time for Each Other

Are you are a busy executive or a hassled stay-at-home mom? What is important is that you make every moment that your spend with your spouse count. What really matters is the quality of the interactions that you enjoy.

As you do things together you protect and nurture the special connection you share. Have fun time together, and laugh together. Start dating your spouse again; plan a date night each week where you are alone together. Find ways to pamper each other!

Take Care of Yourself

Although true love is based on more than physical appearance, you show your spouse that you care about your relationship when you take care of your appearance. After all, your physical attributes are a part of who you are, so make the most them.

Make your appearance pleasing to each other, and let your love bring out the best in you. Strengthen yourself from within. Be at peace with yourself and release joy and gratitude into your relationship.

In the above, Daily Marriage Builder video, five steps are discussed that you can take to rekindle the romance in your marriage:
  • Do things together
  • Recreate memories
  • Have a second honeymoon
  • Flirt as if you were teenagers
  • Have fun together.

Take the bold step, and start the journey back to giving each other the love and attention you both deserve. Rekindle the love flames of your marriage.

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