Saturday, 17 September 2016

Best Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Your Relationships

In today’s world there are so many things that could cause you to be anxious and anxiety can put pressure on your relationships. Too much anxiety could also take a toll on your mental and physical health and impact the network systems that you  belong to.

 While feelings of fear and uncertainties could lead to anxious thoughts, you can take steps to reduce anxiety. Here are nine steps you can take gain control of you worry and relieve your anxiety in your relationships.
Don't allow anxiety to destroy your relationship.
  1. Challenge self-defeating, anxious thoughts. The things you say to yourself could lead to feelings of anxiety. So you might need to monitor your thoughts, and replace negative  thoughts with more rational and self-enhancing ones. For example, what thoughts do think about your spouse after an argument? Are you afraid to say you are sorry?
  2. Manage your time better. You could find that you get anxious because you feel unable to cope. Things could get overwhelming because of poor time management. Plan out the things you need to do each day and start with the most important task. Try and stick to your schedule as far as possible and ask family members for help.

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to Help Your Depressed Spouse

Maybe you recognize that things have changed in your relationship and you wonder why and what to do. For example, your spouse may have lost interest in daily activities, lacks of energy, and expresses hopelessness. 

Depression that is not diagnosed and treated in a spouse could take a toll on your marriage relationship and family life. As your depressed spouse withdraws from the relationship through lack of interest in intimacy you could be placed in a care-giving role. 

Your depressed spouse needs help,
Your depressed spouse needs help. Here are seven steps you can take to give the support and help your spouse requires.
Get Professional Help
The National Institute of Mental Health advises that the most important way to help a friend or relative that is depressed is to encourage the person to get the necessary diagnosis and treatment. This is the first and most critical step in your spouse’s journey to recovery. But in all of this you need to show compassion, love, and concern for your spouse.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

6 Alternative Activities for Families who Watch Too Much TV

Take time to enjoy the outdoors together as a family.
Consider getting involved in activities that can enhance your marriage and family relationships through personal interactions. If your family watch too much television, here are six helpful and interesting alternative activities.  While there might be challenges as you seek to change, you can do it with determination, and your family could benegit immensely.
  1. Meal Time Focus
You could find that meal time can take on special importance for family time together. This could involve conversations, fellowship, building relationships, and sharing what is happening in family members’ lives. This important activity should be separated from the distractions of watching television.
  1. Read Together
Your family can spend time reading books, magazines, newspaper and other materials together. Take some time to visit your local library as a family and select books that you can read together. This could open a whole new world of knowledge and activities for growth within your family. The members of the family could be spending time together and learning at the same time.