Tuesday, 13 September 2016

6 Alternative Activities for Families who Watch Too Much TV

Take time to enjoy the outdoors together as a family.
Consider getting involved in activities that can enhance your marriage and family relationships through personal interactions. If your family watch too much television, here are six helpful and interesting alternative activities.  While there might be challenges as you seek to change, you can do it with determination, and your family could benegit immensely.
  1. Meal Time Focus
You could find that meal time can take on special importance for family time together. This could involve conversations, fellowship, building relationships, and sharing what is happening in family members’ lives. This important activity should be separated from the distractions of watching television.
  1. Read Together
Your family can spend time reading books, magazines, newspaper and other materials together. Take some time to visit your local library as a family and select books that you can read together. This could open a whole new world of knowledge and activities for growth within your family. The members of the family could be spending time together and learning at the same time.
  1. Outdoor Activities
Encourage your children to play more outside and become more active rather than sitting before the television for hours. Also, as a family you can go on hikes, go biking, or to the zoo together. The outdoor activity and interactions could be physically and emotionally beneficial to you. So take some time and enjoy the out-of-doors together!
  1. Volunteer in the Community
Family members can get involved in community activities. You and your children can get special opportunities to interact with and serve special groups in your communities. Volunteering encourage the development of specific characteristics such as compassion and tolerance in your children. They can also get meaningful opportunities through real life situations to develop important life-skills.
  1. Family Projects
Members of your family can work together on projects at home. These projects could help to build camaraderie as family members achieve the set goals. Allow family members to brainstorm and come up with suitable projects that they can work on together around the home. Such activities could include gardening, where families grow vegetables and could save money from doing so. Your children could learn skills such responsibility, decision-making, and problem solving through such family projects. 
  1. Family Nights
Why not use one night in each week for focused activities for your family? This will need the commitment of the members of your family to make it work. Decide on ground rules for your family nights, for example, you could decide that you will not deal with disciplinary matters.

 Family fun nights should be a time of spending meaningful time together. Here the focus is on building family harmony, and time of laughter and enjoyment in the family.
You could find that these alternative activities help to improve family relationships, keep your children busy, and facilitate the learning of new skills.

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